What Do Teenage Boys Want for Christmas?

Because not all teenage boys are alike, there is no single Christmas gift that is perfect for every teenage boy. Gifts.com suggests thinking about the personality of teenage boys at Christmastime to determine whether a given boy is a geek, creative thinker, athlete or achiever, among other categories, and using this information to help find just the right gifts.

Teenage boys who are geeks are often into video games, so games or consoles are excellent gifts. Many teenage geeks also enjoy fantasy fiction, Japanese anime, comic books or items associated with their specific media interests.

Athletes and teenage boys who love sports often enjoy sports videos. They also enjoy receiving athletic gear that represents their favorite teams. Extreme sports fans might like receiving new skateboards, snowboards or mountain bikes.

Teenage boys who are creative thinkers are often artists at heart, and they enjoy receiving equipment that helps them practice their art and unleash their creativity. Depending on a boy's specific interests, this could generate a gift list filled with camera equipment, musical instruments, art supplies or other creative technology.

High achievers are typically focused on the future, so they often appreciate self-help books and time management systems. School-related technology that helps them prepare for their futures are also great gifts.