What Are Some Tea Party Favors for a Bridal Shower?


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One idea for a party favor at a tea-party themed bridal shower is to place a variety of exotic teabags or tea leaves in a small decorative tin container. The outside of the container can list the names of the teas enclosed and the names of the couple.

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Another idea is to find some small, inexpensive antique teacups, saucers and spoons at a flea market and plant flowers or place fragrant sachets inside the cups.

A creative way to include teacups as a party favor, and to offer the guests an activity, is to give the attendees their own cups to decorate during the course of the party. Decorative paints and other supplies can be provided on a center table where the guests can sit, chat and create.

The favors don't necessarily need to include teacups or saucers, though. A group of tea-inspired items can be placed in a small, colorful bag or box. Items may include candles, tea biscuits, miniature chocolates, scones, sugar cubes and teabags.

Whether the favors include tea cups or tea-themed gift sets, teabags don't necessarily have to be divided out and paired with the party favors. Teabags can also be placed in a large, decorated basket into which guests can reach for their favorites on their way out.

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