What Are Some Sympathy Thank You Quotes?

An example of a sympathy thank you quote is: "Thank you for being there during this sad and difficult time." A thank you quote that comes from the heart means most to the person grieving.

Writing thank you notes for sympathy can be overwhelming and leave the writer with a loss for what to write. While there are many quotes available by famous poets and other authors, the person writing the card does not have to adhere to these as they can formulate their own sayings. The person should be sincere and write whatever they feel comfortable with.

While there is no set time for sending thank you sympathy quotes or cards after the loss, within two-months is the norm. For large services, it might seem impossible to send every guest a quote, so the grieving person can ask friends or family to help or they can just send them to those who played a part in the service. For example, if the service was large, the writer can reserve the notes or cards for clergy members, those people who spoke at the service and those who helped prepare or put it together. It is also okay for the sender to keep the message brief.