What Are Some of the Symbls Used in a Catholic Wedding Ceremony?

Some of the symbols used in a Catholic wedding ceremony include the vows, altar, the color white, rings, flowers to the Blessed Mother, unity candle and procession to the Blessed Mother. Other symbols may be included depending on the couple's culture, such as the veil, cord and arras or gold coins. It is important for couple's to check the requirements of their parish in which they plan to marry.

Couples have a variety of symbols that they can choose to incorporate into their Catholic wedding ceremony. The color white is seen as a symbol of innocence, holiness, purity and celebration. Wedding rings represent the marriage vow and unity. Traditionally, they have also represented the sealing of the binding contract of marriage. The wedding vows are used as a public declaration of the couple's love for each other and their agreement to marriage.

Mary is an important figure to Catholics because she is the mother of Jesus. There are several symbols relating to Mary that can be used in a Catholic wedding. For example, after the closing prayer, the couple can walk over to the alter of Mary for a few minutes of prayer. Some couples may also choose to place flowers at Mary's altar.

One of the more recent Catholic wedding symbols is the unity candle. After a couple says their wedding vows, the may choose to light the large unity candle, using two smaller candles that have been lit by family members. The candle represents the couple joining as one.