What Supplies Should You Purchase for a Masquerade Party?


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Some supplies to purchase for a masquerade party include fabric for decor, flowers or candles for centerpieces and as accents, and glitter or confetti. Lighting is an important feature, so if the venue has built-in lighting, buy soft yellow bulbs or hanging lanterns to accent the theme.

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Masquerade parties should look a bit mysterious. Black is a popular choice for decorations and you can accent it with a vibrant color, such as gold, red, green, purple or silver. Buy candles in various shapes and sizes, as well as metallic candelabras. Alternately, drape Christmas lights to enhance the atmosphere without using fire to light candles, or talk to the party venue about lighting options. Add fairy lights to flower arrangements for a little twinkle.

For the tables, add beads and feathers to the flowers and sprinkle glitter around the centerpieces in one of the colors in the party scheme. Buy colorful masks at a party supply store and place them on the tables, hang them on the wall or pass them out to guests who do not have their own. Depending on the venue decor, buy fabric to drape the walls or hire a decorating company to drape the walls professionally.

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