What Are Some Suitable Thank You Poems?


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Some suitable thank you poems are "Thanks" by William Stanley Merwin, "Our Prayer of Thanks" by Carl Sandburg and "Thanksgiving" by Joyce Kilmer. Another suitable thank you poem is "A Thanksgiving Poem" by Paul Laurence Dunbar.

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One suitable thank you poem is about giving thanks to God for the gift of a home and is entitled "A Thanksgiving To God, For His House" by Robert Herrick. Another suitable thank you poem was written by Anne Bradstreet and is entitled "To My Dear and Loving Husband," thanking her husband for his service to her in love and marriage. "Bel Canto" by Kenneth Koch is another suitable thank you poem.

A suitable verse to send in a card to a friend just to thank them for being who they are is as follows: "Thank you for all that you give/You make this world a better place to live/I'm grateful for all that you do for me/More grateful than you could ever see/Thank you so much for who you are/In my book, you're a shining star!"

Another suitable thank you poem reads: "There is a quality about you that touches me deep in my heart/This quality is so special, it sets you quite apart/You're a kind and generous person who can brighten up my day/Bringing much joy to my life with your kind and thoughtful ways/Thank you for all you do, and all that you've done/Too numerous to mention, thanks for each and every one."

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