What Are Some Suggestions for Wording on a Retirement Certificate?


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When wording a retirement certificate, choose formal language for a certificate from the business, or less formal language for a co-worker, family member or friend. When typing the document, enter the correct full name of the retiree, the start and end dates of employment or tenure and a congratulatory sentence or phrase. End the certificate with a signature line for the names of any appropriate certificate presenters and a seal or company logo.

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For a certificate from the company or employer, the certificates begin with an introduction, such as "In recognition of" or "With gratitude to," followed by the retiree's full name. The certificate also includes the number of years that the retiree worked for the company, as well as the type of work she performed. Follow this with a phrase such as "Awarded on the (day) of (month, year)."

For a certificate from co-workers, family or friends, the certificate can be more personal and include sentimental or funny phrases. Consider a funny introduction, such as "Jane has Gone Traveling," followed by the person's last work date. Include any information about the retiree, such as a funny or elegant description of the person's job, and the number of years she worked. End with a phrase such as "You will be greatly missed." At the bottom of the certificate, leave a space for anyone involved to sign.

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