What Are Some Suggestions for a 16th Birthday Party?


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Some ideas for planning a 16th birthday celebration are hosting a party, going on a trip with the birthday celebrant and friends, or planning an experience party for the guest of honor to try something she has always wanted to do. Try to focus plans base on what the teen likes.

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Deciding to host a party is a popular option. Hosting it at a nearby venue with party rooms or even having a smaller get-together at a friend's or relative's house can be just as fun. Think of a theme perfect for the birthday girl or boy, such as a beach theme or even a movie theme. Get props and decorations that match the theme, and be sure to ask party goers to dress accordingly.

Another option is going on a trip with the teen and a small group of friends and staying at a hotel in a nice city. Have two rooms -- one for you and one for the teens -- so you can have space but still keep an eye on them at the same time.

If the teen is uninterested in having a party but would rather try doing something she has never done before, opt to do that.

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