What Are Some Styles of Inflatable Party Island Floats?


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Multi-capacity, cabana, party table, sundeck and wading pool are some styles of inflatable party island floats. Special features and the quality of materials differentiate these products, which are also called floating Islands or rafts.

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Party island floats typically accommodate between four to eight adults, with models such as Wow's Stadium Islander offering a 12-person capacity. Most floats focus molded seats and backs around a mesh-floored central cooling well or an open swim hole. The Body Glove Paradise 6 Inflatable Aqua Lounge and Aquaglide's Fiesta Lounge exemplify this style. Aquafloat's Big Island and Seadoo's Aqua Lounge 4 add molded lounge chairs, bench type seating or a sun deck. Others include built-in or attachable boarding platforms to allow swimmers to access the float easily.

Less typical configurations include Wow's Floating Island Table, which includes four chairs attached to a central table. The design allows the partiers to sit upright with legs dangling in the water. The Cabana Islander from Sportsstuff and CoolerZ's Tropical Breeze Island provide detachable tops for shade. Embedded or attachable coolers and built-in music compartments with waterproof speakers enhance models from Seadoo and Aquaglide. The Tropical Breeze Island's lounge seating becomes a wading pool with water added to the well. Some products provide active elements such as slides or trampolines, with Wibit's Sports Park interlocking floating components suitable for up to 145 people.

Polyvinyl chloride resin is the primary material used in inflatable islands. The PVC's thickness determines each product's appropriate use, with thinner gauges designed for pools and increasingly thicker gauges designed for lakes, rivers or oceans. Ultra-violet protection increases the life and safety of each product.

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