What Is the Story of "The Wedding Dance"?

"The Wedding Dance," a piece of short fiction by the Filipino writer Amador Daguio, follows the story of Awiyao and Lumnay, a married couple of 7 years who are split by Lumnay's inability to grant her husband a son. A major theme in the story is Awiyao's disregard for Lumnay and the ease with which he abandons her.

The reason for Awiyao's willingness to leave Lumnay is the cultural pressure upon him to have a son. The story describes how a man without a son is considered by the community to be an inferior person.

The story begins with the reader's introduction to the setting, a mountain village in the Philippines. Awiyao is in the process of remarrying and there is an air of festivity outside Lumnay and Awiyao's house.

Awiyao attempts to comfort Lumnay. His solution, compounding his thoughtlessness, is to invite her to join the wedding dance. When Awiyao gives up on comforting Lumnay, remaining adamant in his conviction that they cannot be together, he returns to the wedding party and Lumnay runs into the hills.

Sitting on the side of the mountain overlooking the festivities, Lumnay sinks into a deep sense of desperation, loneliness and self-pity. She reminisces miserably about the ways in which her life has been altered. The reader is left with this image, unclear about what exactly became of Lumnay.