What Are Some Stories That Have Happened Playing the Left Right Game?

While the left-right game can be played during any gift-giving occasion, stories about the Wright family are the game's most popular theme. In one Wright story, the family is preparing for Christmas dinner; it ends with Santa delivering the gifts "RIGHT" under the tree. In another, Tommy Wright tries to decide how to buy Christmas gifts for his family. He then "LEFT" the gifts under the tree.

The left-right party game is a gift exchange game. The players sit in a circle and listen to a story. They pass wrapped gifts to the left or the right when the words "LEFT" or "RIGHT" occur in the story. There are many examples of Christmas-themed stories and poems for this game. One version retells the Christmas Nativity. Another story is based on the famous poem "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," but adds the words "right" and "left" to the poem in every line.

There are versions of the left-right story game for baby showers, birthdays, bachelorette parties and other celebrations. In one baby-shower version, Mrs. Wright rushes to the hospital to have her baby. The party planners at PartyTimeBaby.com offer this ending to the story: "With two babies on her LEFT and one on the RIGHT, Mrs. WRIGHT turned to her husband and said, “There is one thing LEFT to do, I think we should name these WRIGHT babies, how about you?"