How Do You Store Christmas Lights Around Coat Hangers?


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To store Christmas lights on a coat hanger, tape one end of the strand to the end of the hanger. Wrap the light strand around the top and bottom bars of the hanger, working your way up to the middle and continuing down the other side. Tape the other end to the opposite corner of the hanger.

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  1. Choose a hanger

    Select or purchase a hanger. Plastic or wooden hangers work best. Make sure the hanger forms a closed triangle shape.

  2. Secure one end of the Christmas lights

    Find one end of your strand of Christmas lights. Tape it to the left corner of the hanger. You can also use a zip tie to keep it in place.

  3. Wrap the lights around the hanger

    Wrap the lights around the top bar of the hanger and straight down around the bottom bar. Keep wrapping the lights around the hanger, working your way up to the center hook. Move the strand to the other side of the hook, and continue down to the opposite point. Tape or zip tie the other end of the lights in place to prevent them from sliding off. Hang the hanger in a closet to keep your lights safe.

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