What Are the Steps in the Process of Burying a Person?


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The steps involved in burying a person include getting a burial certificate, choosing a burial spot and arranging for transportation for the body. Other steps involved are arranging to have the grave opened and closed, purchasing a vault or liner, and purchasing a cemetery marker.

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State laws generally require burial certificates, which can be obtained through any licensed funeral director. They can also be obtained by applying in person at a Birth and Death Registration office. This requires the payment of a small fee.

The deceased person may have expressed wishes for a burial spot or may have paid in advance for a cemetery plot. If not, survivors can choose a cemetery to acquire a plot. Then, they must secure transportation. Traditionally, the body is transported in a hearse, but some families wish to personalize this service with a limousine, horse-drawn carriage or an antique car, and there is usually an additional charge for the transportation service.

It is also necessary to arrange for the opening and closing of the grave site, which also involves a fee. Survivors must arrange for the purchase of the burial vault, which prevents the ground from caving in once it settles. In most areas of the country, these vaults are not required by law, but many cemeteries require them. Finally, many cemeteries also require a marker, headstone or monument. Survivors can generally purchase these from funeral homes, monument shops, cemeteries and memorial parks.

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