What Are the Steps in Planning a Remembrance Service?


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After choosing a time, date and location for a remembrance service, the host prepares a guest list, sends out invitations and personalizes the venue in preparation for the event. The host also coordinates guest speakers and is responsible for removing all personal items from the venue after the remembrance is over.

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Remembrance services are often held on or near the loved one's birthday, anniversary of their death or another notable occasion. After determining the date of the event, a venue is chosen based on the number of people expected to attend, and formal invitations are sent using a prepared guest list. If guest speakers are planned, the host asks the speakers to confirm their speech beforehand to create a schedule for the event.

Directly before the event, the venue is decorated with photographs and other items in memory of the deceased. Guests are sometimes asked to bring their own photographs or items related to the loved one to create a personal display, but the request for photos or other items should be sent well before the date of the event.

If needed, the host asks others to assist with decorating the venue and planning the event. After the event, all personal items are removed and the venue is cleaned if required.

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