What Are the Steps for Planning a Bridal Shower?


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Planning a bridal shower involves as picking a location, sending out invitations, planning a menu and choosing an enjoyable activity for guests. The plans should also include purchasing a gift for the bride.

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  1. Pick the location, time and date

    Unless the bridal shower is a surprise, consult the bride about her preferences for when and where the shower should be held. The venue could be the host's home or a location that is convenient for the bride and guests. If the weather cooperates, an outdoor venue like a berry-picking farm, vineyard or even a pretty backyard make a nice setting for a bridal shower. The shower should be held two months to two weeks before the wedding.

  2. Send out invitations

    Once the bride has given you her invite list, order or make invitations that carry information about the venue, time and date of the shower, dress code, theme of the party (if any) and the bridal registry. Also include RSVP contact information and a date by which guests should respond to the invitation.

  3. Choose a theme

    Some popular bridal shower themes include travel, the Caribbean or tropical, recipe-based, color-based or personalized where the focus is on the bride's interests or hobbies.

  4. Plan a menu

    Plan a light menu comprised of finger foods and drinks, which is generally preferred for bridal showers.

  5. Decorate and set a place for the guest of honor

    If you're planning a theme party, decorations need to reflect the theme. A travel theme, for example, involves decorating with maps, globes, tickets and pictures of popular tourist destinations. Make sure the bride has a center spot where she can see her guests and unwrap her gifts.

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