What Are the Steps to Making Your Own Sympathy E-Cards?


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To send a personalized sympathy e-card, select an e-card company to work with. Select one that offers free e-cards if desired, or choose one with a reasonable fee per card. Ensure it has the features on the card you wish to send, such as music or animation; then, create the card, and send it to the desired recipient.

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  1. Select an e-card company

    Find an e-card company offering a sympathy option in its selections. Consider the cost, if any, as well as the picture and sound options. Choose a company that offers appropriate sympathy card options. Register on the website, if necessary.

  2. Create the sympathy card

    Use a provided template, if available. Select artwork if no template is provided. Write the sympathy message. If unsure of what to say, keep it simple. Find suggestions online if necessary. Speak from the heart above all. Express appropriate feelings for the recipient's loss within the sympathy card.

  3. Send the card

    Be certain to send the card to the correct email address, or post it in an appropriate place.

  4. Ensure the card is received

    Use the receipt function with the email or the card company service to ensure it is received and opened. If necessary, send the card again to ensure receipt.

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