What Are the Steps to Making a Diaper Wreath?


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Make a diaper wreath by attaching rolled diapers to a wreath form. This project takes under an hour. You need a Styrofoam or wicker wreath form, a package of diapers, scissors, ribbon and decorations.

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  1. Roll the diapers

    Roll each diaper in the package into a cylinder. Make the cylinders tight enough that you can fit all or almost all the diapers around the wreath to give the wreath a full, fluffy appearance.

  2. Tie the diapers to the wreath

    Use the ribbon to tie the diapers to the wreath form. Wrap the ribbon around the center of the wreath, and tie a tight knot. On each side, leave several inches of ribbon to curl later.

  3. Add the decorations

    Pick out some decorations for the wreath that the baby can use, such as rattles, teething rings, a book or stuffed animals. Artfully arrange them around the wreath, then tie them on using the ribbon. If the ribbon is not strong enough, use clear jewelry stretch cord. Never use glue, as the purpose of the wreath is to be useful for the recipient.

  4. Curl the ribbon

    After the diapers and decorations are attached to the wreath form, curl the long ends of the ribbon.

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