What Are the Steps to Make a Fresh Christmas Wreath?


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Making a wreath out of fresh evergreen tree cuttings requires some basic equipment, including scissors that can cut through tree branches, fresh evergreen tree branch clippings, thin craft wire and a pair of wire cutters. After these materials are assembled, the cuttings can be bundled together and formed into a wreath shape. After the wreath has taken shape, it can be decorated with ribbons, red holly berries, small ornaments and other holiday baubles for a festive look.

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What Are the Steps to Make a Fresh Christmas Wreath?
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Those people who are not confident in their ability to shape Christmas tree cuttings into a circular shape may want to use a plain, pre-made wreath or other pre-formed circular shape to help guide them. However, the process of shaping the cuttings into a circle is fairly easy. The individual branches can be bunched together and wrapped with wire, and these bunches can then be arranged into a circular shape and connected with wire, which can the be bent into the desired shape. Bundling the branches prior to joining them together gives the wreath a fuller shape and makes the wreath easier to form, making it possible for the crafter to manipulate the shape of the bundle into a curve shape to be added to a circular wreath.

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