What Are the Steps to Make Balloon Baby Shower Centerpieces?


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To make a simple balloon centerpiece for a baby shower, blow up multiple balloons, use duct tape to connect them to a plastic tablecloth, and tape additional layers of smaller balloons on top. Attach the balloons so that the tape is hidden.

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Before forming the centerpiece, gather balloons in the chosen colors, a balloon pump, duct tape and a plastic tablecloth that fits the corresponding table. Attach the tablecloth to the table using clips to keep it in place.

If using a tablecloth made of fabric instead of plastic, use pins to attach the first layer of balloons because duct tape does not adhere well to fabric. Also consider using a low-temperature glue gun instead of duct tape if an electrical outlet is available. Use the balloon pump to blow up the balloons, making them various sizes for the different layers of the centerpiece.

Tape the first layer of balloons to the tablecloth, creating a longer layer for a rectangular table. Tape additional balloons to the first layer, scattering the sizes for a non-uniform look. Continue until there are approximately three layers of balloons to finish the centerpiece. The process takes less than 10 minutes. Be sure to protect the table from excessive wind to keep the centerpiece intact.

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