Who Started Christmas?

started-christmas Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

A specific person did not start Christmas, but Christmas is a traditional holiday celebrated by people throughout the world for different reasons. People find joy in exchanging gifts with one another and honoring religious tradition, and early peoples celebrated Christmas for similar purposes. Although Christmas is celebrated on December 25 in America, the holiday is commemorated on the winter solstice and alternate days of the year in other nations.

The reason for celebrating Christmas has evolved over thousands of years and varies according to culture. In ancient times, a period was set aside to observe the winter solstice, and the festival later became known as Christmas. For Christians, the birthday of Jesus Christ is the reason for celebrating Christmas. Jesus Christ was given gifts by all of the people who came to visit, and giving to the poor exemplifies the spirit of kindness and generosity.

People have created interesting customs to recognize Christmas in a unique way. Ancient peoples celebrated the end of harsh winters with decadent feasts and lively social activity. The classic Christmas tree was considered a symbol of eternal life. Saint Nicholas was the inspiration for the present-day Santa Claus. It became a custom to tell children that if they were well-behaved, then Santa Claus would place gifts under the tree to reward them.