How Do You Start Planning a Wedding?


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Planning a wedding can be started by choosing a budget, picking a theme, finding a location, and deciding on a color scheme. All weddings vary in cost and take lots of work.

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  1. Work with a budget

    The budget is the basis for all the other elements in a wedding. The theme, venue, flowers and decorations all depend on the budget allowance. Consider factors such as traveling to a destination, renting an expensive space, the number of guests attending and the length of time needed to pay off all wedding bills.

  2. Pick a theme

    The theme of a wedding can be romantic, elegant, casual, seasonal or unique. A romantic wedding includes softer materials and colors, such as lace and pastel blues or purples. An elegant wedding has dark, bold colors and would be in a larger venue. Casual or seasonal weddings would be outdoors or in backyards. Unique weddings pick a specific theme such as cultural or religious.

  3. Find a venue

    A venue can be an extravagant ballroom, rustic cabin, courthouse, church or foreign destination. Know how far in advance to rent out a venue. Find out how many people fill the venue to capacity and what decorations are allowed inside. Set aside funds for a deposit if needed.

  4. Choose a color scheme

    Pick colors according to the mood of the wedding. Cool colors, such as blues and purples, set a more relaxed mood and environment. Bold colors, such as red, yellow and orange, bring attention and add energy to an environment.

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