What Are Some St. Patrick's Day Game Ideas?


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St. Patrick's Day game ideas include shamrock scramble, rainbow relay and leprechaun tag. These Irish-themed games provide active entertainment for children at St. Patrick's Day parties, according to About.com.

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To prepare for shamrock scramble, the party host cuts out four large shamrocks from green poster board and places them in the four corners of the room. The children gather in the middle of the room, and the host begins to play music while the children run to one of the four shamrocks. The host turns off the music, and any children not standing on a shamrock are out. Play continues until one child remains.

To play rainbow relay, children are divided into two teams, and each player gets a roll of colored streamers. The two teams stand in a line, and the first player in each line runs across the room unrolling her streamer. When she returns to her team, the next player goes, laying his streamer next to the first. The first team to make a rainbow wins.

Leprechaun tag is played like freeze tag. Children are divided into leprechauns and fairies, and one child is "it." The child who is "it" tags the leprechauns who must then remain frozen until a fairy tags her. If the fairy gets tagged while unfreezing a leprechaun, then that child becomes "it."

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