Is There a Specific Ceremony for Renewing Wedding Vows in the Christian Faith?

A wedding vow renewal ceremony, like any initial wedding ceremony, has general and traditional guidelines that can be customized, changed or omitted depending on the individuals and their denomination. Wedding vow renewal ceremony ideas can be found online at websites such as Although there is not a specific ceremony for renewing wedding vows, an example of a Christian ceremony includes a renewal of vows, a blessing and exchanging of the rings, a reading and blessing of the couple and the pronouncement of husband and wife.

Wedding vow renewal ceremonies have been around for decades and have gained popularity in the United States. Ceremonies vary from religious and lavish to at-home or mass ceremonies. The city of Pittsburgh, for example, renewed vows for over 1,000 couples as part of the city's 250th anniversary celebration in 2007.

Renewal ceremonies often include the reaffirmation of commitment, personal contributions and an exchange of rings or other symbolic gestures. Often, the couple's family and children are part of the ceremony.