Who Speaks First at a Wedding?

Traditionally, at a wedding reception, the first person to speak is the bride's father, as the bride's family usually hosts the reception. In his speech, the bride's father can introduce himself, thank the guests for attending, then speak about his daughter and new son-in-law – making sure to add blessings for their future together. If the bride's father is not present, the speech can be given by whoever gave the bride away during the ceremony.

The bride's father usually makes a toast to his daughter and husband and his son-in-law's family. The order of speeches at a reception is usually the bride's father, the groom and the best man. Although this is the customary order for reception speeches, it can vary depending on the wishes of the bride and groom. In some cases, the groom's father, bride's mother, or other family members may also speak at a reception.