How Do Spanish People Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Spain doesn't observe the Thanksgiving holiday. However, most Hispanic families who live in countries that observe Thanksgiving celebrate by mixing elements of their own culture with the American holiday.

Thanksgiving is called "el Dia de Las Gracias" in Spanish. Family gatherings with homemade meals are a large part of Latin culture, so Hispanic families tend to keep those traditions of Thanksgiving. Different foods are incorporated into the holiday based on the family's country of origin. Most Hispanic celebrations include a dish with rice and beans. Traditional Dominican foods include mangu and tostones. Cuban families often make flans and croquetas, while those from Peru tend to make ceviche and empanadas filled with meat.

Turkey isn't a popular food in many Latin cultures, so some families substitute it with a ham, a roasted pig or paella, a seafood dish. Those who include the turkey may use popular Latin ingredients such as peppers, cornbread and chorizo to make the stuffing. In Puerto Rico, pavochon is made by roasting a turkey over a spit. Hispanic families often play Latin music and dance during parties, including on Thanksgiving. Latinos who have immigrated to the United States recently may not celebrate Thanksgiving due to a lack of knowledge, but most are open to learning more about it, according to a General Mills study.