What Are Some Southern Living Home Party Ideas?

Home party ideas from Southern Living include preparing simple recipes, creating a welcoming space to host guests and stocking up on essential party supplies prior to the gathering. The magazine offers tips for utilizing time of day for home parties. Southern Living provides alternative ideas for traditional party techniques, meal utensils and lighting.

Some Southern Living recipe ideas for home parties include home-style comfort foods such as savory beef chili and sweet potato casserole. Recipes for finger foods are also available, including Southern pan-fried bologna sliders, sweet potato pockets, and sweet potato squares with lemon-garlic mayonnaise on toothpick skewers. Cocktail ideas, such as the Southern gentleman's bacon old-fashioned, utilize new flavors in classic drink recipes.

The magazine emphasizes hosting parties at optimal temperatures, using party lights, citronella candles and torches to maintain a well-lit outdoor space at night, and distributing iced spray bottles to keep guests cool during hot weather. A tip for replacing disposable flatware and dishes is to switch to all-natural bamboo for a more aesthetically-pleasing, biodegradable option. When serving beverages, the magazine advises using an old-fashioned bathtub or wheelbarrow filled with ice in place of the traditional cooler. For guest comfort, provide insect repellent during summer parties.