What Are Some Sources for Free Mother-of-the-Bride Speeches?

MotheroftheBride.org and ElegantWeddingSpeeches.com are two resources for free mother-of-the-bride speech examples, as well as tips to create a custom speech with a personal touch. The speech examples can be viewed online or downloaded to a personal electronic device.

MotheroftheBride.com offers tips as well as 25 downloadable speech examples. Some of the tips provided through this website include trying to not cry, not being stiff when speaking, and managing personal emotions. They also suggest talking about things that are impressive about the bride, groom and the relationship. Along with a link to example speeches, ElegantWeddingSpeeches.com provides information about the purposes of the mother-of-the-bride speech, a format recommendation, and how a person should appear during the speech.