What Sorts of Words of Appreciation Should You Write for Your Boss?

sorts-words-appreciation-should-write-boss Credit: Musketeer/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The best way to praise a boss is to keep things succinct and stick to truthful statements. Something as simple as “I appreciate all the hard work you put in to keep things running” can be all it takes to get anyone in the workplace in a good mood. Overt embellishment or blatant falsehood may not work on many bosses.

A key to knowing what to say is to judge the boss’ management style and personality and use that for the basis of any positive sentiments. Acknowledging a supervisor’s strengths in how he relates to the job itself is a good way to let him know he is doing good work. If his communication is consistently excellent, try to mention how that keeps the work in the office moving.

The most effective form of complimentary acknowledgment is to show the executive directly above the boss in question that the abilities of the boss are appreciated. If the boss kept a problem from becoming bigger, mentioning how he caught an issue early can bolster his reputation. Willingness to step up and put in extra effort to help out a good boss and empower him can also be greatly appreciated, notes Fast Company