What Sort of Tribute Should I Give a Pastor and Wife for Their Anniversary?

One good way to pay tribute is hosting an anniversary party in their honor, according to Pastor-Gifts.com. Baking or commissioning a special anniversary cake is another way of adding a special touch to any party. Giving them a crystallized plaque commemorates their service to church members.

Pastor-Gifts.com goes on to say that church members can gather and throw a dinner banquet filled with entertainment and heartfelt speeches. Hosting a church picnic is another way of honoring a pastor and his wife, while bringing the church community closer together. Another outdoor tribute is to have a tree planted in their name, with an engraved rock recognizing the happy couple. Flowers can be delivered as well, and a certain kind of fruit or vegetable can be included, depending on the harvest season. My-Pastor.com also notes that commissioning a portrait is a positive way of paying tribute.

Tributes that don't include material gifts can be a poem or a song. The church community can also donate time to renovating the pastor's house, or doing general upkeep on church grounds. Praying for the pastor and his wife is also a humble gift. My-Pastor.com also mentions the idea of devoting an entire service to the pastor as a way of marking any special occasion.