How does someone make a donkey pinata?


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Simple household items can be used to create a donkey pinata. The items needed include a cardboard box, toilet paper tubes, colorful crepe paper, colorful tissue paper, white poster board, markers, chalk, glue, masking tape and rope.

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How does someone make a donkey pinata?
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The first step in creating a donkey pinata is drawing a donkey outline on the cardboard box. This can be done with either pencil or chalk. Once the outline is drawn, the crafter should cut along the outline through both sides of the cardboard box.

Next, the braces will need to be created to help hold the donkey upright. These can be made by using the toilet paper roll tubes. The crafter needs to take four of them and space them evenly from the donkey's head to the donkey's tail, and use glue to keep them in place. Now, with the toilet paper roll tubes in between, put the two cardboard donkey pinata cut outs together. He or she should glue together and let dry.

The donkey pinata should now be ready to be filled, such as with candy or other items. It is important to make sure that the bottom is carefully pieced together using excess cardboard pieces and masking tape.

Finally, the donkey pinata can be decorated using the colorful tissue paper to fill it and the colorful crepe paper to decorate its exterior.

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