What Are Six Steps for an Easter Celebration?

What Are Six Steps for an Easter Celebration?

What Are Six Steps for an Easter Celebration?

Six steps to plan an Easter celebration are to create games for the children, plan adult activities, create a meal plan, delegate responsibilities, send out invitations and decorate for the celebration. Set aside ample time for the planning and shopping for the event.

  1. Plan the activities for children

    Offer a variety of Easter games for children, including a traditional egg hunt. Other ideas include setting up a bean bag toss where participants toss egg-shaped pillows into baskets and pin-the-tail on the Easter bunny using a cut-out bunny and large cotton balls.

  2. Plan activities for adults

    Keep adults entertained with religious movies showing the meaning of Easter, by singing Easter hymns or by spending an hour swapping stories of childhood Easter memories. Plan adult games, such as Easter charades or Bible trivia, depending on whether or not your celebration has a spiritual theme.

  3. Create a food and beverage plan

    Gather your favorite holiday recipes, such as honey-glazed ham and potato salad, along with a few ideas for festive desserts. For example, transform plain cupcakes into Easter-themed delights by putting jelly beans or small chocolate bunnies on top of the frosting.

  4. Delegate responsibilities

    Get the whole family in the holiday spirit by assigning different elements of the party to loved ones. For example, turn it into a potluck by having guests bring their signature Easter dishes to share, or by asking a crafty friend to create the centerpiece for the festive table.

  5. Send out invitations

    Send out invitations that clearly state what type of Easter celebration you are having, whether it is a formal affair or casual gathering. Clearly state on each invitation what is expected of the recipient, such as bringing a dish or helping with the decorating.

  6. Decorate for the celebration

    Decorate your home the night before the celebration to reduce the stress of having too much to do on the day of the party. Add last-minute touches in the morning, such as putting small paper bag Easter baskets with candy at each place setting on the table.