What Are Some Simple Ideas for Pumpkin Painting?


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Simple ideas for pumpkin painting include black cats and bats, candy corn, silhouettes, painted patchwork and fall foliage. Classic Halloween images like cats, mice, spiders and haunted mansions, make stunning silhouettes when painted in black against orange backgrounds, notes Better Homes and Gardens.

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When it comes to painting pumpkins, there are many ways to create fun, spooky and even elegant designs. For children, creating friendly cats is an easy and entertaining pumpkin painting idea. This concept works especially well with multiple pumpkins. Before starting, spray the pumpkin with a matte finish. Then, color with two to three coats of desired color. After letting the paint dry, draw whiskers, a nose and mouth. Then draw the outlines and lashes for the eyes. Paint the eye interiors white, and the irises green or black. Use felt cut-outs or foam triangles for the ears. A tail can be made with a pipe cleaner and glued to the back.

For an elegant look, paint the pumpkin with a metallic color paint, such as gold or silver. Adding subtle decorations, like faux gems and jewels, finishes the look. Additionally, painting the pumpkin white or a soft neutral shade, then adding a stenciled border, creates a sophisticated holiday look. For a rustic look, consider painting pumpkins with a plaid design. Doing so involves painting lines in various widths and in different colors, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

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