What Is a Simple Idea for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding Centerpiece Without Fresh Flowers?


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A simple idea for a do-it-yourself wedding centerpiece without fresh flowers uses artificial flowers submerged underwater in a glass vase, explains DIY Weddings. Silk or latex flowers, glass vases, stainless steel washers and decorative rocks are needed. Floral tape, fishing wire and distilled water are also required for the project.

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The stainless steel washers are attached with the fishing wire to keep the flowers weighted down in the water. Floral tape is used to attach multiple flowers together, if necessary. The flowers are then arranged in the vase and the decorative rocks, stones or seashells are added to the bottom. The last step is filling the vase with distilled water; distilled water is preferable because it prevents bubbles from forming on the flowers. A floating candle is an extra nice touch that can be added to the top of the centerpiece.

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