What Are Some Simple Honeymoon Ideas?


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Simple honeymoon ideas include camping, staying near home or going to an all-inclusive resort. Having a simple honeymoon may mean spending less, not traveling as far or not doing complicated things. A couple needs to decide what simple means to them as the first step in planning a simple honeymoon.

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What Are Some Simple Honeymoon Ideas?
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If saving money is a priority, then limiting one aspect of the vacation budget works well. Camping is great for saving on lodging costs. Going on a road trip saves a lot on plane fare. Booking a high-end resort close to home can save thousands on travel.

Other options for simplifying by staying closer to home include the "staycation," where a couples take in the sights of their own locale and lodge in their home or in a nearby hotel. This is a great opportunity to check out new restaurants, sight-see and do other things that, ordinarily, only tourists do.

Finally, if simplicity is about making life less complicated during a honeymoon, try an all-inclusive resort where meals, activities and other amenities are all provided. Getting into the outdoors also can promote a sense of simplicity by removing electronics and computers from the mix. A vacation retreat with a theme such as meditation, wine tasting or hiking also takes a lot of the guesswork and planning out of the occasion.

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