What Signifies a 10th Wedding Anniversary?

The 10th wedding anniversary signifies the couple's first full decade of life together and shows that the marriage is strong and enduring. Gifts given on this date include tin, aluminum and, more recently, diamonds and daffodils.

Couples hitting the 10th wedding anniversary mark have made it through many challenges and have many blessings. This anniversary comes at the end of a decade and the marriage has matured, but remains strong and flexible. While it is traditional for the couple to celebrate this anniversary by themselves, modern couples are starting to recognize this anniversary with small parties and gatherings.

There are a variety of symbolic gifts associated with the 10th anniversary. Traditionally, tin and aluminum are given as these metals are durable, but also malleable like the marriage. Decorative items like an aluminum sconce or tin paper weight can serve as small gifts for those who prefer a modest celebration. Modern wedding gifts associated with this anniversary are diamond jewelry. Diamonds are also associated with the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries. A smaller stone is probably appropriate for this first diamond anniversary. It is also said that a bouquet of bright daffodils given for this anniversary adds happiness and cheer to the day.