What Should You Write in a Sympathy Thank-You Note?

A sympathy thank you note should include an expression of gratitude for the sender's gesture. The thank you note should also include a personal message that details the nature of the gesture during an illness or death of a loved one, such as a donation or floral arrangement.

Thank you notes for sympathy gestures should be addressed specifically to the senders and mailed to their home address. The note may begin with a general expression of gratitude, such as "Thank you for your support during this difficult time" or "Thank you for thinking of our family after the passing of our loved one."

The thank you note should include specifics about the sympathy expression, such as "We appreciate the donation you made in honor of our family" or "Thank you for the beautiful floral arrangement in honor of our loved one." The letter should also include a message that notes that the gift and expression of sympathy was appreciated, such as "Thank you for honoring our family with this gift."

Sympathy thank you notes are typically sent following a funeral or illness. Individuals or families can purchase pre-printed note cards and include a handwritten message to add a personal touch. Thank you notes following a funeral are typically signed by a group of people, such as "The Doe family," to show appreciation from the entire family.