What Should You Write in Samples of Formal Invitations for Dinner?

Event planners or others who need sample formal invitations should be sure that the invitations showcase their business in the best possible light. The invitations should include a placeholder name, date and time, so that potential clients can see how this information appears on their actual invitation.

In addition, the invitation should include the location of the event, as well as how to RSVP. Consider providing several types of invitations. Design a sample invitation for a rehearsal dinner, for a retirement dinner, birthday party, and for a wedding anniversary or ceremony, so that guests don't have to imagine what an invitation for the event they're scheduling looks like. Choose graphics and a design that suit a variety of occasions, so that guests can see how potential designs complement the wording that they choose for their own invitations.

Choose text that fits well on the invitation and does not wrap over the edges of the paper. Keep the wording and invitation design simple, so that potential clients can imagine the invitation working well for their special dinner. Professional event planners should add their logo and contact information to the sample invitations, as well, if they are distributing the invitations as marketing materials.