How Should You Write an Invitation Letter for a Dinner?

should-write-invitation-letter-dinner Credit: Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

Dinner invitation letters should be written with specific details, including the date, the event, names of senders, whether it is an adult-only reception and a request for guests to RSVP to a specific number. The letter's other specific contents should be tailored to the sender's party.

The invitation must include the dinner party date. When writing the date, the year can be written numerically, but the day of the party is typically spelled out in letters. The letter should also note why the special event is necessitating the invitation, such as celebrating the return of an old friend. The names of the party's host should be written including title and last name, although this is not required for invitations to informal parties.

The formal way to indicate that children are not invited is to write that it is an adult reception. Requesting that guests RSVP helps the sender prepare for the party by providing an accurate account of how many invited guests to expect to attend.

For informal invitations, the key information is the same but can be presented in a more relaxed manner. This includes not using formal titles, including humor in the invitation, telling guests what food to look forward to and telling them who else has been invited. Informal letters can be sent by email as well as by traditional mail.