How Should You Write an Invitation Letter for a Church Anniversary Celebration?

When writing an invitation letter for a church anniversary celebration, you need to provide the concise reason for and a short history behind the occasion. List all of the pertinent details the recipient needs in order to attend the celebration.

  1. Collect celebration details

    Gather all the specific information about the anniversary celebration including the date, time and location.

  2. Research relevant church history

    Gain a clear understanding of the anniversary being celebrated as well as a general history of the church leading up to the special occasion.

  3. Verify the facts gathered

    To ensure the details provided in the invitation letter are accurate, verify the information with the church leaders prior to writing the letter.

  4. Include a direct message from the current pastor

    The invitation letter should include a personal invitation from the pastor as part of the letter.

  5. Write the body of the letter

    Using the information and history collected previously along with the direct message from the pastor, write the body of the letter in clear and concise language that informs the recipients about the celebration details.

  6. Address each invitation letter individually

    Address each letter to the intended recipient(s) by name in order to provide a personal touch that will encourage participation in the event.