What Should You Write for an Eulogy for Your Brother?

A eulogy for a brother should include an introduction, personal memories, a discussion of the brother's interests and a conclusion. The eulogy should be brief, positive and conversational.

The introduction should start by thanking the attendees. Directly after that, the brother's name should be stated so that the focus remains on him. After that comes a brief summary of the relationship and a quick mention of immediate family members.

Take plenty of time to write the personal memories section. This part of the eulogy should include one or two important stories that illustrate some aspect of the brother's personality and the speaker's relationship to him. For instance, lessons learned, values shared and even a light-hearted tale are appropriate in this section. Tell a recent story to illustrate the shared values or lessons.

The next section should include what was important to the brother, whether it was his interests or his accomplishments. This portion should be brief.

The final section can include a poem, quote or prayer, if desired. The conclusion should also include a quick summary of the brother's most important attributes, highlighting what made him special. The eulogy ends with a heart-felt goodbye as well as a message stating how much family and friends expect to miss him.