What Should You Write in Birthday Wishes for Your Sister?


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For a birthday wish to an older sister, write a heartfelt message that refers to the sibling relationship or a shared experience. Sisters appreciate a personalized message to supplement the general birthday wishes printed on the card.

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What Should You Write in Birthday Wishes for Your Sister?
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The relationship with your sister influences the type of birthday wishes you send her. The message should reflect that relationship whether you're sentimental, have lots of fun together, joke around a lot or have a different dynamic.

One way to personalize the birthday message is to refer to a memory you shared with your sister. It might be something from your childhood or something more recent. Remind her of something funny she did, or discuss a time when she was strong or caring, depending on the tone you want to strike in the message.

Another option is to put your feelings for your sister into words. This might include an expression of love or pride in her. Emphasize a trait you admire about your sister, such as her ability to always make you laugh or the way she is always there to listen to you. A similar sentiment is to say you are glad she is your sister.

Wishes for the following year also work well in a card to a sister. If she has something specific coming up in the year, such as a promotion at work or a goal she's working on, mention that. General wishes for a happy and fulfilling year work for sisters as well.

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