What Should You Write in Anniversary Wishes for a Friend?


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When writing marriage anniversary wishes for friends, congratulate, advise, encourage and inspire them. Thank them for their good character, and offer tips on how to make their marriage last. Make anniversary wishes amusing by referencing the good moments shared in the past.

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What Should You Write in Anniversary Wishes for a Friend?
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Anniversaries serve as moments to reflect on the progress of the marriage. Congratulate couples for remaining united despite the hardships, and encourage friends that faced difficulties in their marriages. Let them know that being together is commendable enough, and by remaining focused, they can overcome. Inform friends that life presents challenges, but those challenges cannot erode the love they share.

Write about ways that make marriage work. Advise friends to always be bound by mutual dependence, love and honor. Remind friends to forget the sad moments and reminisce over the happy memories. Let friends understand each other in order to avoid disagreements. Tell them to celebrate the present joys and the hopes of the future.

Inspire friends about the goodness the future holds for them. Let them know that each year in their marriage is unique and different. Wish friends to celebrate more years together in happiness and prosperity. Contrast their flourishing marriage with the many that are failing, and encourage them to hold on to their virtues. Success in their marriage can serve as an inspiration to others.

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