How Should You Word an Invitation for a Going Away Party?

should-word-invitation-going-away-party Credit: Pgiam/E+/Getty Images

Wording for an invitation for a going away party should include a general sentiment about the person being honored, the time, date and location of the party, and details about the theme, dress code and gift policy. When crafting an invitation for someone leaving, include the person's name, title and affiliation with the company or host to provide clarification for guests.

The type of wording used in a going away party invitation will depend upon the reason the person is leaving. For example, if a co-worker has resigned from a job and moving on to a more prestigious position, the wording can include well wishes, such as "Join us in congratulating Jane on her way up the ladder." Party invitations for a high school graduate heading off to college may include wording that recognizes accomplishments, such as "Jane is soaring into the educational sunset. Join us in wishing her luck on this academic journey."

When the honoree is retiring, party invitations may focus more on the person's impact on employees and the company itself with wording such as "No one will ever replace Jane. Join us in showing her how much she meant to XYZ Company." The party invitations can also include a general statement, such as "A farewell celebration is being held in Jane's honor."