What Should I Wear to a Casual Christmas Party?

should-wear-casual-christmas-party Credit: Paul Bradbury/OJO Images/Getty Images

Casual dress for a party indicates relaxed wear, such as good jeans or khakis or a skirt. For a Christmas celebration, party-goers have the option of being festive, interesting and colorful.

The Christmas theme does not imply that guests must wear sweaters with embroidered Santas or hats with reindeer antlers. Instead, it invites people to celebrate with bright colors and patterns. This is the opportunity to pair jewel-toned colors in rich fabrics, such as velvet, with simple jeans or pants. Layers, such as a sweater or jacket over a turtleneck or shirt, also work well because they provide visual interest. In addition, layers give the wearer options in case the temperature of the setting rises or falls.