What Should I Get My Teenage Boyfriend As a Valentine's Day Gift?

A few gift ideas for a teenage boyfriend on Valentine's Day are a cell phone cover, a cool T-shirt or his favorite team's jersey. A teen boyfriend may also find a set of headphones or cologne to be thoughtful, practical gifts.

It may be useful to think about a guy's personality type to determine what kind of gift to get for him. Athletic guys may appreciate sports memorabilia, such as autographed baseball bats or team hats. Artistic types may be grateful for a new camera, canvass and paintbrushes, or a book about their favorite actor. Tech-savvy boyfriends may smile widely upon receiving the latest release in electronics.

Another way for girlfriends to determine what gift to give their boyfriends for Valentine's Day is to consider how long they've been dating, suggests Cosmopolitan. Trendy socks or shirts aren't too sentimental for a boyfriend of three months or so, and show appreciation for any gifts that a girlfriend may receive. After six months of dating, a girlfriend may want to get her guy a leather wallet or shaving kit, or create a card that highlights an inside joke shared between the couple.

After a year in a relationship, girlfriends may opt to purchase more expensive gifts, such as designer clothing or accessories, watches or sunglasses. For more expensive purchases, teens may want to think ahead and put a few dollars to the side each month to prepare for this special occasion and purchase.