Who Should I Send Building-Dedication Invitations To?

Who Should I Send Building-Dedication Invitations To?

When dedicating a building with a special ceremony, invitations should be sent to any person or representative involved with the construction project, elected officials who helped or inspired the project, and persons who plan to lead, run or organize the new building.

The dedication of a new building is like the launching of a ship -- it is a time for ceremony and celebration. The ceremony may be covered by local TV and press, and it may appear in online publications, so it is essential to create a celebratory mood and to invite all who played key roles in making the building come into fruition.

It is key to send invitations to community leaders, local dignitaries and elected officials, as well as other business organizations and benefactors. Was the building inspired by any one single person, family or organization? Send invitations to anyone associated with the original vision of the building.

Also, to ensure the community is aware of the new building's opening, send invitations to members of the local media, including newspapers and television stations.

At the dedication of a new building, it is especially important to invite all members of the building crews. It was, after all, their efforts and hard work that constructed the new building.