What Should Go on a Secret Santa Wish List?

Some ideas for items to put on a Secret Santa wish list include a travel coffee mug, perfume or a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant. Those participating in a Secret Santa exchange should be sure that the gifts on his or her list do not exceed the monetary limit specified in the rules.

A Secret Santa gift exchange is a fun way for families or co-workers to celebrate the holiday season. Following a few simple rules helps to ensure the game runs smoothly.

  1. Gather the names of everyone who is participating. Sometimes, sending out a mass email or contacting people on a social media platform is helpful.
  2. Specify a monetary gift limit, as well as a theme for the exchange. Keep the limit within reason, making it easy for people to participate. Decide whether the gifts will be serious and meaningful, or gag/funny gifts. At the same time, decide on a date for the gift exchange and Secret Santa reveal.
  3. Have all the participants create a wish list. Here they will list gifts they would like to receive from their Secret Santa. One person is designated as the keeper of the lists.
  4. After all the lists have been gathered, it is time to assign the Secret Santas. One person randomly assigns Secret Santas by drawing names. He or she then distributes the Secret Santa wish lists so the shopping can begin.