What Should You Say When Renewing Wedding Vows?

Renewal wedding vows are a chance for couples to reflect on shared history. Vows can include sentiments describing the importance a person has in the life of the spouse, what the marriage has meant to each person, descriptions of trying times and how the couple made it through those times, and specific memories of good times shared.

Additional items that can be included in wedding vows are descriptions of when the partners first felt love for each other and how that has evolved over time. Vows can describe how spouses have supported each other.

This introduction can be followed by a description of hopes and dreams for the future. The couple can reflect on what they want to continue doing and what they might want to do differently. A closing can then include words of love and thanksgiving.

If renewing vows in a religious ceremony, vows are often dictated by the institution. An example of religious wedding vows is includes a promise to live together after God’s ordinance, in the holy estate of matrimony. The vows reaffirm many or all of the vows that were stated in the original ceremony. It contains themes of promising honor, loyalty, faithfulness and devotion.