Who Should Do Readings at a Wedding?


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Friends and relatives of the bride or groom should do readings at a wedding. However, this varies depending on the tradition in which the wedding takes place. For example, in a Catholic wedding, the priest handles the gospel. A cantor reads the responsorial psalm, and other readers take on the first and second readings. Couples tend to prefer their witnesses, relatives or friends to do the readings.

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The choice of whom to assign readings in a wedding depends on the availability of willing readers. For instance, both the mother of the bride and the mother-in-law can share the readings. If the bride or the groom has both a biological father and a stepfather present, one of them can take a reading while the other walks him or her down the aisle.

Since some people may feel uncomfortable reading before a congregation, the wedding couple should ensure that the person they choose is confident speaking for a group. A good reader should exhibit commendable public speaking skills. While some churches offer guidance in terms of which readings are to be read in the wedding, other leave the decision to the wedding couple. In case neither has a good idea for the reading, the reader should be someone who can choose a suitable reading.

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