How Should You Put Lights on a Christmas Tree?


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Ways to put lights on a Christmas tree is to go up and down or wrap them around. The former is an effective way to make them easier to remove after the holidays end.

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  1. Create three vertical sections on the tree.
  2. This is where the lights should rest. Make sure the sections are triangular, with the narrow portion starting at the top and the base at the bottom.
  3. Fix any broken lights before hanging them.
  4. When doing this away from the tree, it is easier to see dark patches.
  5. If using more than one string of lights, plug in the first string.
  6. Start at the bottom and move the lights in and out of the branches. Move up towards the top of the tree, and then string them down to the bottom again. After reaching the end of the string, plug in the next one and start again. Ideally, it is better to decorate with a separate string for each triangular section.
  7. When the hanging is complete, step back and look at the tree from a distance through squinted eyes.
  8.  If there are any dark patches that make the tree look uneven, rearrange the lights by moving them over a little. Repeat this process until the desired effect is achieved and the lights look even.
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